Strategies to Reduce Your Procrastination and Boost Your Personal Productivity

One of the greatest drains on your personal productivity is the habit of procrastination. This is where we look at a task which has to be completed and decide to put it off until a later time or even date. When that time or date comes round, we then are tempted to put it off yet again. Normally speaking, as time goes by the job becomes harder and harder. If it is a problem with people that you have put off because it is outside your comfort zone or could be very difficult, it is guaranteed that the situation, if left unfixed, will deteriorate. This means when you do eventually get round to dealing with the problem, it may be an impossibility.

The first strategy to adopt and nourish is the strategy of setting priorities for your tasks. Number one on your list should be the most important. Never try and write down all your priorities on one sheet of paper. Write the top five priorities in big letters on one piece of paper. All other tasks should be noted and put in order of merit. Plan your work on a weekly basis and do a daily review. The best time to do your daily review is to make it the last task on the preceding day. This means when you start work the following day, your priorities are set there on the desk in front of you. This simple strategy will enhance your personal productivity.

The next strategy to adopt is to give yourself a self check at regular intervals. Ask yourself, “Is what I am doing now or about to do, going to advance me to my goal?” This alone will contribute to your personal productivity. It will also give you the reassurance that you are doing the right things.

The next strategy to make your own is when you discover that your priorities are also the priorities of your boss. When you realize this, remember that your procrastination will surface because you want to seek approval from your boss instead of taking complete responsibility yourself. It’s very easy to mentally put off tasks because you need to speak to your boss. If the task is one of your priorities, treat it like that, take ownership and do it.

If you adopt and practice these three strategies you will find that your sense of urgency will increase and your level of personal productivity will rise and give you a considerable amount of satisfaction as you complete tasks that you would have normally put off until tomorrow, next week, next month or forever.